Australian Bush Essence Banksia Robur, Larimar and Fluorite crystals and Living Tree Orchid Essence Soul’s Grief Release

Spring Equinox Release and Renewal

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are celebrating Ostara, the Spring Equinox. I personally love the energy of equinoxes; for me they feel like portal times, walking through a gateway into another time as we transition from one season to the next.

I shall share with you some of the rituals I enjoy practicing at this time, they feel potent and rich in medicine. I hope they help you too. But first, a message about the energy at the time.

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” — Albert Camus

This quote has been my go-to mantra over the last few months. It has not been an easy winter for many, and I have had to do a lot of self-work to maintain my fire energy. But lately, I have felt myself coming alive with the world around me… the striking scent of wild garlic keeps awakening my senses, the blossom is beginning to burst, the magnolias are in full bud, and we have had the occasional glorious sunny day (which we cherish deeply here in Wales!).

As we say goodbye to winter, this nature medicine came forward to ease our transition and provide us with extra intention for our rituals today:

  • The pleurothallis triptanthera orchid used to make the Soul’s Grief Release Essence helps us release deeply held sorrow. This is for a sadness and grief that has no clear source. The energy here is giving us full permission to let the tears fall; for only when we release the emotion and allow ourselves to fully feel it (rather than get caught it our head trying to analyse) can we create space for a new way of being.
  • The Swamp Banksia flower will help wash away any negativity that is bogging us down. We may be feeling lethargic and disheartened, creating frustration as we feel heavy and lack the impetus to act. The Banksia Robur essence gets us moving again, bringing with it a sense of enjoyment and connection, enabling us to actively participate in our life again.
  • Larimar brings extra water energy to help with release; and the support of the dolphins to bring in new fun and play. Call on the energy of the dolphin and larimar to bring more joy and light into your heart.
  • This really interesting piece of Fluorite is very pale in colour and from initial glance at the photograph, you may think it a quartz. This gem is asking us to envision the reality we want to root ourselves in as we enter this new season.

This equinox also falls on the Last Quarter of the lunar cycle, the Harvest Moon phase. The energy of this lunar phase calls for reflection and is a perfect time to declutter and practice cleansing and letting go rituals, so very complimentary to the energy of the equinox.

Photo by Rachel Singleton
  • Declutter — this clearing energy remains for the next few days so if you can, make the time to go through that box or drawer you’ve been ignoring for months. Lightbringer’s Harebell Essence can really help here if this is something you struggle with.
Photo by Rachel Singleton
  • Spring clean — scrub the floors and clean the windows. Let the spring light fill your home. Add drops of nature medicine to your cleaning products: essential oils like warming marjoram to relieve anxiety and bring comfort for grief and loneliness; or hyssop for alertness and clarity. The Australian Bush Travel Combination may not seem an obvious choice yet it helps centre and refresh us, maintaining a sense of personal space, or LightBringer’s White Frangipani to cleanse and clear the energy channels that connect Spirit and Self.
  • Welcome the elemental energy of Air into your home. Air carries the qualities of Clarity, Truth, Discernment, Freedom, Inspiration, Visionary, Divine Love. Burn incense or use a smudge tool like white sage or Palo Santo. Use an essential oil diffuser or burner. Cleanse the space around you with an Essence mister. Place feathers on your altar. Hang wind chimes in the garden and by the front door of your home.
  • Spring speaks of new beginnings and fresh starts. Once you’ve done the cleansing rituals, you’ve created space to plant seeds for new growth. Write down intentions of what you wish to create in your life. Place them under a glass bowl of water. Leave overnight under the Equinox moon and in the morning give yourself a spiritual bath with the potentised water — with consent from the plant, pick a sprig of rosemary or whichever herb calls you, place the sprig in the water and rub over the body and through the energy field; washing you with your intentions. This is a powerfully moving practice.

If you feel like you need some support energetically, the Energy Cleanse services I created are perfect to work with at this time. They transform and release stuck energy so you feel light, clear and inspired to move into
the next efflorescent phase of your life. For more details please click the link below.

Equinox Blessings to you!

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