Responding to Pandemics with the Grace of Essences

Originally published 13th March 2020 on my website.

Essences are incredible tools to use in times of fear, struggle and illness. They take us out of our heads and into our hearts, enabling us to access and listen to the wisdom that resides here and that speaks from our soul. There are so many ways we can work with essences; I shall explore some of these with you today as we weave our way through the abundant offerings of plant, stone and animal medicine that essences hold.

A range of large and small essence bottles surrounded by passionflowers
Photograph by Lily Ayre

Emergency Combinations

Most people first discover essences through Bach’s famous Rescue Remedy — a combination of five flowers to take during times of crisis. There are many other such combinations of essences that work together to address similar experiences of stress, overwhelm, sudden bereavement/grief and shock. A premade mix is always useful to have nearby in such times — often in these situations we aren’t able to tap in to our deeper healing needs, so taking an emergency combination can bring us back to centre. From here we can respond from a calmer space. Some of my favourite emergency combinations include:

  • Light Support (UK) — to nurture your connection with your inner light and strength, especially during dark and difficult times
  • Soul Support (US) — brings strength and stability during emergencies, stress, trauma and transformation, while providing support to rejuvenate and restore balance on all levels
  • The Works (Ireland) — helps to balance and stabilize you while you figure out what you need to do to improve your situation. The works can be particularly useful for people who are so stressed they feel like ending it all
  • Saved by the Animals (US) — provides powerful support in times of physical, emotional and spiritual crisis.

Individual Essences

When there’s a specific pattern or energy dynamic you’re wishing to address, taking an individual essence can be very helpful.

Bach Remedies

  • Crab Apple — for purificiation and self-acceptance. When we feel unclean or get anxious about germs, illness, dirt etc, Crab Apple helps us cleanse — we feel pure, clean and healthy and embody a loving self-acceptance
  • Aspen — for feeling safe. When we feel very open, vulnerable and sensitive to others and the environment, aspen helps us settle. COVID-19 is now such a part of the collective consciousness that we can recognise this might be making us feeling anxious, but sometimes we can feel a bit spooked without knowing why. Aspen addresses these feelings
  • Impatiens — for patience. One of the five flowers in Rescue formulas, Impatiens can help when we just want things to be over and done already, and for when we feel like we’re running out of time. Impatiens helps us relax and be present in this moment
  • Larch — for confidence. Such times can leave us feeling powerless and incapable. Larch helps us feel self-assured and confident in our abilities to face whatever challenges await us.

LightBringer Essences (UK)

  • Truth — for standing in the power of your truth. We can hear so many contradictory news pieces and health advice during such times. Truth essence helps us impeccably regain our connection with our Truth — this is a deeply grounded state of clarity. As we stay in our truth, we more deeply harness our connection with Self, Soul and Spirit
  • Flame Tree — for deep grounding and connection through the root. Restoring and revitalising the energy bodies and recovering active potency throughout the system. For removal of negative energies. For accessing survival wisdom and our fire
  • One-Flowered Wintergreen — for seeing the good in all things. It’s very easy to sink into despair and hopelessness during these things. This essence helps us open to deeply accepting the good in all things; moving beyond narrow-mindedness, prejudice and judgment to an acceptance and trust of What Is. This is not a bypassing of the dangers and threats of illness, but a place from which to see with new eyes all that is good in this world, and to let that fuel us, rather than fear
  • Soul Full combination — for feeling safe and sound, for being present to the realness of your life and living this with full presence, for coming home to yourself.

Indigo Essences (Ireland)

  • Invisible Friend — for when you’re feeling lonely or scared, for when you need support but the support isn’t available
  • Keep Breathing — for times when you feel a lot of anxiety and constriction around your chest and heart area
  • Sugulite — for when you don’t want to be here. Sugulite helps us feel safe, comfortable and at home in our physical bodies
  • Hiddenite & Kunzite — for feeling the joy within. For when you feel sad / heavy / depressed, the message of this essence is that no matter how bad things have been, it is possible to feel joy again.

Australian Bush

  • Pink Flannel Flower — for gratitude, being open-hearted and appreciative. Why am I suggesting this one? Because gratitude is an essential antidote to fear. When we are able to authentically connect with this blessings in our life, this fosters an environment of love and peace
  • Spinifex — for those who have a sense of being a victim to and having no control over illnesses, this essence brings physical healing to the body whilst helping us understand where are can help or hinder our healing process
  • Calm & Clear combination — helps us to relax and wind down. If we have to self-isolate, we can use this time for deep nurturance and pleasure. Lose yourself in a good book, rest, watch comedy, cuddle your pets. Whatever it is that fills you up, this essence helps us be present enough to do so.

Alaskan Essences

  • Alpine Azalea — for opening our hearts to the generous, loving energy of the planet. Helps us achieve unconditional self-acceptance through the release of self-doubt; opens our hearts to the spirit of love; teaches us compassion through understanding. All qualities we need to cultivate during these times!
  • Ladies’ Tresses — helps us reconnect energetically with parts of the body that have been injured or traumatized in the past. One of the key preventative options available to us is to support our immune systems as much as possible. This is a key essence in healing from trauma
  • Bunchberry — for when we’re easily distracted by or caught up in the emotional and mental turmoil of others, this essence promotes coherent thinking; helping us become aware of and then release our attachment to distraction. It promotes mental steadfastness, focus, and emotional clarity in demanding situations
  • Purification combination — for releasing toxic energy from the mind, emotions, and physical body; revitalise, balance and stimulate the renewal of energy on all levels of your energy system; purify and recharge the environment where there is stagnant energy; and release old ingrained habits that are no longer useful, necessary, or contributing to your well-being.

Wild Earth Animal Essences (US)

  • Hummingbird and Mallard — both of these are great Joy activators. Hummingbird nurtures feelings of joy, delight, and celebration at the gift of being alive. For “lightening up.” Assists with gentle purification and cleanses away recent emotional residues
  • Deer and Hawk — for seeing and responding with clarity. Deer encourages gentleness and peace, deepening awareness of the present moment. For seeing with great clarity what is going on around and within oneself. For cultivating surrender, humility, and trust in gentle ways
  • Loving Compassion combination — provides powerful support for feeling & expressing deep compassion for oneself and for others. It includes three animal essences: Dolphin ~ for feeling & expressing compassion, Dove ~ for connecting with and being peace, and Wild Horse ~ for gently opening the heart.
A glass bowl filled with water, surrounded by essences, a shell, a lit candle, a flower card, and a sprig of blue flowers
A glass bowl filled with water, surrounded by essences, a shell, a lit candle, a flower card, and a sprig of blue flowers
Photograph by Amanda Krawczyk

Space Clearing

We can use essences to keep our homes, workspaces and community venues an energetically vibrant and supportive place to be. Using a spray is a quick and convenient solution (suggestions further down this page) — spray into the corners and centre of a room and leave the door closed for a few minutes. The space will feel sooo much better when you enter! Another favourite is the essence bowl method, developed by Ann Callaghan of Indigo Essences. Use a simple clean glass bowl filled with fresh water and add drops of your chosen essences. This method is great because your friends, family, community members etc can all choose which essences they want to work with; so everyone gets a say and benefits from the chosen medicine. The bowl can be placed on an altar, table or in a special place in your environment, so that the essences can gently permeate the space. You can also fill the kitchen sink and add drops of essences to that! Intention really helps with these methods; asking the essences to work with you in clearing the space and creating an environment that supports your health and vitality.

Essence Sprays

We can use sprays over our bodies and in the spaces our bodies exists in. Spraying an essence into our hands, inhaling, then running our hands over our bodies from top to toe is a wonderful way of working with them. Or we can mist them over the areas that we feel most need support: head, throat, chest, feet. Most commercial sprays contain essential oils so please check for any contraindications such as allergy or pregnancy before use.

  • Super Immune Spray (US) — wellness, purification, immune builder, energetically purifies and protects. Contains essential oils of eucalyptus and oregano
  • Healer’s Light (UK) — for connecting deeply with your healing needs and inner vitality; learning to work with your life-force energy intuitively and effectively for your wellbeing. Contains essential oils of palma rosa, vetiver, cardamon, sweet inula and German chamomile
  • Guardian (US) — helps you create a powerful force field of protection in your aura and environment. For when you want to invoke the energies of calm, stability, and security. Contains essential oils of himalayan cedar, lime, litsea cubeba, melissa, and tangerine.

What do I do if I can’t order essence?

There are many ways of working with essences without having to purchase the essence directly. You can print out a photo of the essence and place your glass of water over the top of it. Leave it in the sun for a little while, then drink. You can ask the spirit of the essence to be with you and support you with whatever it is you are seeking help with. Intention is a powerful thing, you’ll be amazed at how effective this can be. Many essences come with affirmations — use this as inspiration to construct your own, as a way of connecting with the essence. You can also make your own essences!

International Distributors

All the essence links listed previously go directly to the producers’ website, so if you are living in that country, you can order directly from them. The following are distributors that stock many different essence ranges.


England: Healthlines, Universal Essences and Helios
Wales: For a personal blend prepared by myself, you can order here
France: Fleurs de Vie
Germany: Der Essenzenladen
Austria: Esencia Natural
The Netherlands: Star Remedies
Norway: IKYA Store
Italy: Natur
Hungary: Escencia Zentrum
Czech Republic: E-Escence
Slovenia: Lekarna Za Dušo


Japan: Nature World and Fairdew
Taiwan: Sunshine in Bottles

South America

Argentina: Floresencial
: Essências Florais
Chile: Gaia Esencias
Colombia: Alkimia Esencias Florales
Uruguay: Bach Uruguay


New Zealand: Pacific Health

North America

US: Southern Herb
Canada: Wonderworks

Additional Resources

  • Energetic Hygiene and Protection — ideas from Alaskan Essences
  • Essential information for Coronavirus — a video from Ian White of the Australian Bush Flower Essences with his views on coronavirus, including essence suggestions. I don’t agree with everything he says but I’m including it in case people find his essence ideas useful
  • Irresistible coronovirus wisdom podcast episode, complete with transcripts and resource list.

Please share your resources, links and favourite essences that you reach for during such times in the comments so that we can continue to weave a web of wisdom and support ❤

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