Full Moon in Scorpio, and the birth of an essence

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while now; I read so many great pieces about consciousness, healing, and energy, that articulate my experiences but in a style that may not resonate or carry the message that I feel is most needed. So here I am, stepping up to the keyboard, to attempt to put into words that which is often ineffable.

Today was the third time I have made a vibrational essence.
The first to be born, Rhosyn Rose in June 2014, was a response to one of the biggest traumas I have experienced — pregnancy loss (this story deserves its own full telling at a later stage), and was made in a fairly traditional manner — a gorgeous cloudless sunny day, a perfect bloom hanging in the bowl, and an astrological alignment that fully supported the message the rosa rugosa flower had been speaking to me for months. She is an incredible grief remedy.

Rhosyn Rose

Cuddio came into being during the solar eclipse at the Spring Equinox in 2015. This essence has a very different energy; aquamarine crystal, and the core of this energy is the celestial event itself — it is a remedy for stepping out, and in, to your higher purpose.


Both these essences came to me a week or two before their birth; I was strongly guided to the date, location, and healing elements to be included. These all felt very resonant; exciting and vibrant. The healing was palpable. So I was a bit taken aback, when with only four days notice, a cherry tree that I couldn’t fully identify started calling to me. This tree stands quite short in a churchyard that I pass many times a week when doing the school run. The road is busy; linking student housing and the university. Certainly not the isolated beautiful coastal spots I’d settled in for a couple of hours when Rhosyn Rose and Cuddio were born.
I had felt a pull to this tree during the autumn; its colours were just extraordinary and took me somewhere else. Despite a lot of resistance to churches and organised religion, there is something about this church that I warm to. The reason here is a personal but obvious connection; St Gabriel. AA Gabriel is a messenger, hence why I find myself writing this blog tonight!

So as I tuned in and listened to what this tree was telling me, I felt Gabriel’s presence behind me. He said that I had to make this essence just after the moon became full. The weather forecast didn’t agree, and on Wednesday we had the most glorious sunshine. The tree was full of perfect blossom. An ideal essence-making day. No. No. It had to be Friday.

Thursday evening I really was feeling awful. And actually this is the beauty of the essence-making process — we become aware of an energy pattern, habit, area of dis-ease and discomfort that is calling to us for light and healing. This morning I was still hugely resistant. I walked past the cherry tree when taking my daughter to school. “Really?” I asked, looking up into the grey sky, the sun a distant orb behind a thick layer of fog. “Yes. You know what to do.”

Obviously this is still a fresh process that I am integrating. I have yet to work with this essence. I do not yet know its name. It feels to be quite complex and multifaceted in its nature — we have the cherry blossom blooms that hang in the bowl, a bumblebee joined us for about half an hour, there were daffodils and bluebells nearby, I sat against a Yew who was supporting and holding me during the process, and of course Gabriel’s strong presence! Oh, and this killer Scorpio Full Moon.
The key observations, themes, indications, and potential healings that came through during the birth process, and when sitting with it now, are:

  • Wanting approval
  • Restlessness/feeling rested
  • Clear vision, clairvoyance — a huge expansion of the brow chakra — when placed over my third eye it feels cooling, calming, dissolving; there is an integration and recalibration of this energy centre
  • An undoing of the solar plexus; dissolution of ego aspects that are not serving
  • Solidness in the legs; a warm, sturdy feeling
  • Helps bring you into alignment with what you need; not what others think is ‘best’ or ‘right’ for you.

Since working with the essence and based on feedback from others who have taken this essence too, here is the energy picture as it is today:

Aeddfediad (Welsh for Maturation) is very multifaceted in its nature. Use Aeddfediad when you feel stuck in your spiritual path; it is a deeply transformative energy with lasting effects coming to the fore after working with it for four weeks. Not one for the faint hearted as it will make you do some deep examining!

For: Connecting with Archangel Gabriel. Spiritual evolution. Deepened commitment to your calling and planetary service; being held on the journey; knowing you are supported in this mission to bring through that which you don’t yet understand. Undoing of solar plexus chakra; dissolution of ego aspects that don’t serve. Recalibration, integration and expansion of brow chakra. Feeling rested.

Indications: Depression, inability to concentrate, being in a state of flux.

Energetic: Solar plexus and brow chakras, thymus.

To learn more about vibrational essences, please visit my website:

Sea Witch | Dysgwr Cymraeg | Essences • Readings • Water Magic www.elementalefflorescence.com

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