Essences for Resilience

These are hard times, my friend. And in hard times we need a strong support network. My allies often come from nature, so I share with you now the Essences that keep me going through dark and bewildering days. For we have work to do, and we must continue.

Thrift from LightBringer Essences helps us know that we are safe, supported and cared for at the deepest level. It helps us grow firm roots when we are weak and vulnerable. When trauma and shock has left us feeling depleted and fragile, Thrift Essence enables us to feel grounded and safe.

Five from the New Energy Series by Indigo Essences is also known as Braveheart! When we question our sanity, when we feel really fed up with all this ‘new energy stuff’, 5 will help you find the love in your heart to go on.

“My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness.” — Maya Angelou

Red Poppy from Bailey Essences helps us leave our limitations behind and to find our true energy and power. This Essence stabilises fire energy; if we have too little fire, we become ineffective; but when we have too much, we become destructive. Red Poppy helps to stabilise our fire energy, preventing us from becoming excessively angry or turning our anger inwards. It assists us to grasp situations more accurately so that we can decide on the most appropriate form of action. Essential abilities in these times.

Amddiffyn from Cariad Essences was made as an urgent response to the times we are in. She is a great protector and defender, with a strong but soft Warrior spirit. Think of Amddiffyn when all around you seems to be chaos; she will be a great ally and guide to build your resilience.

Elm from the Bach Remedies is an Essence for people that are doing essentially good and important work in the world. This is often when we are following a calling, usually one of service; being of benefit to humanity and the Earth. When doing such work we can become depressed and lose confidence due to the overwhelming weight of the responsibility we feel. It all feels too much; how will we ever achieve the change we are striving for? Elm folk are very adept and successful at carrying out the work they believe in; but the burden can bring them down and they don’t feel able to cope. Elm helps to shift these feelings so we can resume our lives without preoccupation of failure.

I hope you find solace in these Essences. If you would like personal support, I offer a 45 minute consultation that includes a reading tailored to your concerns, discovering your allies from nature at this time, alongside energetic healing from the Essences. For more information please click the link below.

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Sea Witch | Dysgwr Cymraeg | Essences • Readings • Water Magic