2017: Year of the Yin Fire Rooster

The Red Rooster — Marc Chagall

Remember 2016? What japes! Such a hoot. All the lols. I’m kidding, obvs. Thanks, Yang Fire Monkey for building a bonfire and throwing us on the top.

Unfortunately, we don’t get off that easy just because it’s a new year. We’re still in Fire energy; fire being all about action, so the Rooster is asking us ‘If not now, when?’. This is not a year for sitting by, idly doing nothing. There is a need for movement and purpose-full response. Conversely, there is a need for pause and stillness as we go inwards, thanks to the yin energy cooling things down a little, and so we are continuing the theme of 2016 where introversion and reflection are needed as we continue letting go of and shedding old identities. We have a lot of retrogrades this year, particularly in the first half, so there are more calls of going inwards and examining the past; seeing what no longer serves.

The Rooster is cocky, so there is a lot of ego here. It’s not a great energy to be in; a lot of navel gazing and pomp. There’s a tendency to be over-sensitive — yes, sensitivity is a gift and we can use it to great strength; but the Rooster can come from a place of an inflated sense of self, a feeling of self-importance and righteousness, so there can be a tendency to feel criticised when none has been intended. Be sure not to take anything personally; everyone is fighting a battle you are not aware of. Unless someone is saying something personally critical directly to your face (then that needs addressing properly), shake it off. If people don’t get back to you; it’s because they’re dealing with some shit right now. Have compassion.

There is a real need for community, so seek out your allies; in your neighbourhood and online. Find those voices that resonate, these will be your friends-in-embodied-spirit. Try to spot the thread that unites you and those whose company you keep (workplace, school yard, place of worship etc) — this can be tricky sometimes in community — is the thread that connects you something you want to be aligned with? What brought you together with these people initially? What’s keeping this thread in place? Is this serving?

This is a great year for collaborating. Be aware of new opportunities to create something; whether that’s in your work, through something artistic or musical, or a movement you feel passionately about. Do some self-examination around what’s calling you — be honest with yourself and learn to prioritise. This is essential. There’s nothing worse than spreading yourself too thinly across many projects, resulting in ineffectual action. Choose one or two causes that really touch your heart and be there, show up, and commit. If you don’t have the capacity for this right now, that’s okay. Self-care comes first.

This year we need to be really mindful of our energy be careful where you expend it. We’ll be called to look at boundaries, refining our energy, looking at support systems, self-care… we have to be impeckable (sorry, terrible pun), with our word, our actions. We need to get. in. to. alignment. I know this is boring AF and it feels like we’ve been doing this forever, but we still ain’t got it right; otherwise the Universe would be serving us a different dish already ;-) The Rooster is a preener; we need to keep refining e v e r y t h i n g; relationships, work, finances, health, home etc.

Your home is your sanctuary, remember:
‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. — William Morris.

GET RID OF SHIT. *ahem*. Seriously though, that clutter is nooo good. It’s old energy, and it needs to go. BUT, the things that are beautiful? That ‘spark joy'? The Rooster loves all that. When you maintain a beautiful and clear energetic space you can expand, your clairs open. It’s really important; once you’ve lived in a clean and tidy space for a while you’ll notice how much that stuff was holding you back before and clogging up your head.

Finally, be patient. Yes, the fire is calling us to move, but be considered in your response. Act with integrity. Better; live in integrity. This is the sweetest spot. And then the real transformations begin.

Personal explorations


  • What is one thing you could happily commit to for the coming 12 months?
  • How do you want to feel this year in relation to movement and action? What support do you need to enable you to act and follow through on your desires?
  • Where are you leaking power and energy? How can this be addressed and rectified?


  • I am committed to my growth, healing and expansion.
  • I am attentive, focused and in tune.
  • I remain calm and able to take action from an empowered place.

Support from Nature

The essences Heather by Bach Remedies, Sunflower by Indigo Essences and Cuddio by Cariad Essences would be of great personal support this year.
The gem energies of Carnelian, Seraphinite and Auralite 23 would help the atmosphere at home, work and in the community.
The essential oils Mandarin, Frankincense and Vanilla would be good allies to help with low mood, fear and stress.

If you would like some individual guidance about how to navigate your coming year, alongside energetic support from vibrational essences, I currently have a sale on; for further information please click the link below.

Let’s rise to meet these challenges together; strengthened by community, we shall overcome.

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